One Touch Group
One Touch Group News:
Welcome To One Touch.
One Touch is busy with Schweizer Reneke Hospital HVAC Installation.
One Touch is busy with Electrical wiring at Schwiezer Reneke CHC.
One Touch is conducting Housing Audit with PMM for North West Human Settlement.
One Touch is conducting Department of Labour Facilities Management in Christiana Office
One Touch is conducting Library Knowledge Management in Mamusa Library.


Company Background

One Touch Group is a Multi-Disciplinary Infrastructure Asset Management Engineering firm, which is 100% owned and managed by a black woman. One Touch Group is a Level 1 BEE Contributor.

Our Vision

To advance service delivery through community participation and improving unity and cohesion.

Our Mission

To serve our clients by providing the highest quality professional service that address their business challenges. We provide collaborative culture that enable our client to thrive professional and personal. We deliver superior service while contribute to communities in which we leave and work.


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